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Longest professional window tint specialist in Kitsap County!


Who We Are


As the longest professional window tint specialist in Kitsap County with over 20 years experience, we have done it all! Including Automotive, RV, Boat, Commercial, and Residential window tinting.  As a professional installer we provide more than just “window tinting” to make your car look good. We will educate and help you to choose the correct film tailor made for you and your needs. There are many different shades for different purposes ranging from Clear, to Opaque, to Dark  .

 There are a variety of benefits and uses to window tinting such as a privacy shading to help protect from  Ultra Violet–A/Ultra Violet-B & Infrared Rays, which benefits health and aids against sun allergies and skin protection. It also prevents upholstery & furnishings from fading,  helps to save on energy expenses,  acts as security/anti-graffit protection, and of course looks good without compromising your view.  

We pride ourselves on providing professional installation and premier customer service. 

It’s time to protect your investments, schedule your appointment today! 

Our Products

We Use Two Types of Tint: Carbon and Ceramic

Carbon Performance

*Innovative carbon technology

*Non-reflective, “black” finish

*Good heat rejection, glare reduction,and UV protection

*No signal interference

*Manufacture’s lifetime limited warranty* with protection against film fading

Ceramic Performance

*Offers the same performance advantages as well as enhanced solar performance and   infrared rejection

*Ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology

*Non-reflective, “black” finish that will not fade

*Exceptional heat and infrared rejection with UV protection

*No signal interference

*Manufacture’s lifetime limited warranty* with protection against film fading



Lindsey Lorraine reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

June 30 at 9:15 AM · 

I ran in there last minute with a trailer window we needed replaced. Jason helped match the tint to the tiny pieces I had from the shattered window I had brought in. I didn't listen and choose another Tint. I ended up having to come back because of my error, but Jason was so nice and changed it for. I seriously was in and out within 20 minutes.
Listen to the pro, he'll get it done right.
I will be back with all tinting needs and will be sure to give your name to anyone who asks.


May 10 · 

Jason has tinted my car windows as well as my bedroom windows. He is perhaps the best window tinted in town. He is meticulous and a perfectionist.


Barbara Penny Young reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

May 10 · 

Jason is the best window tinter in th county. I have recommended him to many friends and they have all loved his work!!


Ryan Scott reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

January 27, 2016 · 

Another amazing job. Third car done from Jason!!!! If you want great tint come see him. Always earily zero hassle professional job ever time!!!


Bron Young reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

July 1 at 12:06 AM · 

Incredible professional! Amazing work! Jason doesn’t play around!


Darla Landes reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

June 6 · 

He knows what he's doing! He helped me make a decision that worked for my needs and wants; spoke in "laymens terms", and he his hilarious to boot! great guy! I highly recommend him!


Jacob McEwen reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

June 4 · 

This is my first time getting my windows tinted. Jason was very professional and knowledgeable. His work was A plus and i highly recommend going to see him. I will definitely go back for future cars.


Johnny Guerrero reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

May 29 · 

Jason has tinted all my vehicles. Not only is his level of professionalism above and beyond so is the quality of his work! I recommend him 11 out of 10 times!


Chuck Parker reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

May 10 · 

I have had multiple cars tinted by Jason, never disappointed. Always makes time for me and will take care of any issues down the road. I have never had any issues with his work. In my opinion he is the best in the area. I highly recommend!


Aaron Kauth reviewed Kitsap Tint5 star

March 7, 2014 · 

Best tint in Kitsap. Won't trust anybody other than the best